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Irish Sea Moss may seem like a new, trendy supplement that is possibly going to replace Kale as the

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Irish Sea Moss may seem like a new, trendy supplement that is possibly going to replace Kale as the cool new superfood, however, it has been a part of the human diet for centuries now. It is not a type of moss, Irish Sea Moss is a type of algae. People have been taking it in as a supplement and also as a medicinal substance to treat a range of problems, from infections to sexual inconsistencies.

However, thanks to Kim Kardashian, this superfood is on the rise again. It is becoming trendier by the day and people want to know exactly what makes Irish Sea Moss so hyped up? Is it really worth a shot? Here is what we know and how Irish Sea Moss may help in improving your life:

Benefits of Irish Sea Moss

There are nutritional benefits to Irish Sea Moss which you can take advantage of by adding it to your diet. Irish Sea Moss contains Carrageenan, an excellent supplement for cancer and digestive issues which attributes to many of its benefits. Here is what they are:

Improves Heart Health

Irish Sea Moss is full of omega-3 fatty acids and is one of the best sources for these fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are necessary for good heart health. They can help in thinning out blood, preventing blood clots, and reducing high cholesterol. The most common source of omega-3 fatty acids is fatty fish, however, many people do not enjoy fish in their diet. In these cases, if you can make use of sea moss instead of fish as a supplement, it can help in keeping your heart healthy.

Helps Immunity

Irish Sea Moss is also useful for immunity. Some studies have shown that Irish Sea Moss can potentially help to fight bacteria, particularly those that cause digestive infections such as salmonella. It has not been proven to be a treatment for treating salmonella and other infections, however, if you take it as prevention it will help your immunity and you can also reap other nutritional benefits from it.

Keeps Blood Pressure Normal

It is also an excellent supplement for optimizing your blood pressure. Irish Sea Moss consists of carotenoids, the substance that makes it almost reddish. Carotenoids are known as excellent antioxidants that can help control your blood pressure.

Can Regulate Blood Sugar

Irish Sea Moss can also potentially be excellent for regulating blood sugar. The carotenoids such as fucoxanthin in this Sea Moss can help to control diabetes by preventing sugar spikes and crashes in people suffering from the disease. Even if you do not have diabetes, Irish Sea Moss can help with regulating insulin around the body which can prevent the onset of diabetes at all.

Reduces Risk of Cancer

The Carotenoids present in Irish Sea Moss may also reduce the risk of cancer because of their antioxidant properties. The supplement is not a treatment for cancer, however, it can help to keep certain cancers at bay if you use it in your diet regularly.

Can Fight Degenerative Diseases

Degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease have shown some improvement when treated with Sea Moss, as researched in worms. Therefore it may have the same effect on human beings. Irish Sea Moss may not be a cure for degenerative diseases, however, it is an excellent supplement for reducing the debilitating effects of Parkinson’s disease, such as stiffness and uncontrolled movement.

Things to Take Care of

Irish Sea Moss may be trendy and really beneficial, but keep in mind that you may end up getting harmed if you do not use it properly. Here are things you must take care of when making use of Irish Sea Moss in Your Daily Routine:

How Much Should You Take in

Irish Sea Moss consists of Iodine. If you decide to use it regularly in your diet, make sure you do not take in more than 4 tablespoon’s worth in a day since that would amount to around 200 micrograms of iodine in the sea moss, which is the daily iodine recommendation set by the FDA.

You may want to think of Irish Sea Moss as a supplement rather than actual food. So it is alright to add some of it to your food or take a spoonful or two as is, it is strictly advised that you do not eat Irish Sea Moss as actual food.

Also remember that it is still a newer supplement that is undergoing research as we speak, so you should eat a lesser quantity every day just to be on the safer side of things. The research out currently has shown that Irish Sea Moss is supremely beneficial.

Possible Side Effects

There is also a range of side effects that kick in if you overuse Irish Sea Moss. These can include the following:

● Stomach Ulcers – Poligeenan, a substance found in Irish Sea Moss, may potentially cause stomach ulcers if it is consumed in a very large quantity.

● Intestinal Inflammation – Another side effect of consuming too much Poligeenan is that it can cause intestinal inflammation, which can hinder nutrient absorption in the intestine. The substance can also be linked with symptoms of Crohn’s disease.

● Stomach Cancer – Poligeenan may also cause bowel and stomach cancer by causing polyps in the digestive tract. The chances of this are not very high and this may only come about if you consume the sea moss in very large quantities.


Irish Sea Moss is an excellent and nutritious substance that has recently s

tarted gaining a lot of traction. Most of its benefits are quite amazing and therefore we conclude that you should try incorporating it into your diet somehow. However, since there is not a plethora of research on it so far, we would suggest you be rather safe than sorry and take Irish sea Moss in a limited quantity during the day to prevent any side effects.

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